Fleet Insurance

All vehicles on the road must be insured, whether they are cars, vans, lorries or motorbikes. If you are a business who has lots of vehicles in your fleet, then insuring them all can be a monotonous task, particularly if each one has an individual insurance policy.

Fleet insurance takes the stress and hassle out of this task as it offers blanket cover, including all of your company vehicles in one policy. The advantages to having one policy include:

  • One Renewal Date – Rather than having to remember individual renewal dates throughout the year, which can get very confusing if you have a large fleet of vehicles, fleet insurance policies provide one policy and therefore one renewal date to cover all vehicles. This saves time as you are not having to seek out insurance for different vehicles at differing intervals throughout the year, everything is done at once.
  • One Premium – You will pay for your fleet insurance in one yearly payment, or through regular monthly installments. This means that you can set your budget and know exactly how much will be paid out on insurance per year. Having to insure vehicles individually means that their premiums will be due at random times throughout the year and can be differing amounts making budgeting difficult and potentially inaccurate.
  • One Company – A fleet insurance policy will be with one company, meaning that if you need to speak to anyone regarding it, there is one port of call and one contact to go to which makes life easier.
  • Mixed Vehicles – Even though fleet insurance is a single policy product, you are able to have a mixture of vehicles on the same policy. This means that if your company runs cars, vans and HGV’s, they can all be insured together, taking stress out of this task and potentially saving you money on individual renewals.

If you are looking for more information and fleet insurance advice, then contact Falcon Insurance today on 0121 679 7274 and speak to one of their trained fleet insurance advisers.